African Diaspora Press is an independent publisher of books, DVDs, and CDs that relate directly or broadly to the African world experience.

Our goal is to provide artistic freedom and economic opportunity to scholars whose work is in the spirit of liberation.

While our focus is on non-fiction books and documentaries, we publish work of any methodology or genre that is consistent with our goals.

African Diaspora is the study of all African/Black people from our human origins.

It is a great pleasure to introduce to you the Fall 2016 Catalog of African Diaspora Press. We have added two fascinating texts to our peer-reviewed Africana Studies Book Series this includes the Egypt and Her Neighbours. This edited volume addresses Egypt’s relationship with its neighbors from Antiquity to recent times. This collage of essays, written by African scholars, provides unique insight into recent events in Egypt.

Our African Diaspora Lecture Series is a series of public presentations given by Dr. Perry Khepera Kyles at Eunuch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD. This series is filled with images and analysis of 200,000 years of African Diaspora History. This series (in DVD and CD) is ideal for those who want to diversify their modes of learning. For lovers of more classic scholar-ship, our Classic Book Series features a number of timeless classics, many with new up-dated introductions.

FALL 2016 CATALOGClick to View/Download/Print PDF Version of Catalog